Affordable Explainer Video Services

Welcome to Ashes Motion Studio. We provide high-quality Affordable Explainer video services and 2d character animation types video all over the world. Most of our clients are from Europe and America. All of our clients are highly satisfied with our services. We give revisions opportunity to our clients until they get satisfied. Our explainer video quality will make your business successful. Before discussing our affordable explainer services, we would like to discuss from top to bottom about video that explain your services or products:

What is Animated Explainer Video?

Explainer types videos are a new trend of modern marketing. If you want to reach your target group effectively, an explainer video is highly helpful. A best startup explainer videos contains the summary of your products or services. The aspects of your products or services will be explained by using various amazing tools like animation, graphics, artist’s voice, sound effects, music, cartoons and so on.

This video can be considered as a substitute for an article. An article may take 30 to 40 minutes to study, but the best startup explainer videos will explain the same only in 2 to 3 minutes. Reading an article is a bit tedious and boring. On the other hand, an explainer video is just loved by our eyes! So, Quality Explainer Videos are becoming popular. People are now searching for video services to obtain their best tutorial of a service or product.

In this writing, I am going to inform you about nearly all the criteria of our animation video services.

Types of Explainer Video

Do you prefer to see anyone on interviews, social programs or concerts wearing the same outfit? Definitely, the answer will be no!! You will remark that guy as a peculiar one!! For the same reason, all the explainer videos are not also suitable for all places. They are made according to nature, age and gender of target groups. Psychological demands of the young and elderly people are different. To ensure effective marketing you need to select better theme and ideas for your chosen target group.

Now, I am going to discuss the major types of explainer videos. They are:

  1. Screencast video: This is a very simple style of a best startup explainer videos which is also known as cheap explainer videos. Usually, various types of information are shown with simple animations in this video. Those people who want to look at a glance before buying a product prefer to see screencast explainer videos. As a cheap explainer videos, these types of videos can’t explain more complex ideas in a smarter way. Screencast videos are just simple tutorials only.
  2. 2D Character Animation: Among us who don’t like cartoons? Everyone get an overall idea in a short time with an amazing feeling if we see cartoons. Because 2d character animation style videos are mainly storytelling and create a positive and trustful impression on customers. These types of animation videos are mainly helpful to beginners and small-business holders who seek for a best startup explainer videos. Best explainer videos durations are nearly 90 seconds.
  3. Whiteboard Animation: In these types of videos, contents are being created and presented in front of viewer’s eyes. So, these videos are super-engaging for customers to the products or services. These videos highly help the explainers to explain complex ideas in a straightforward way. IT solution and software companies use these types of videos in plenty!!
  4. Motion Graphics: This is a royal class presentation platform. If you want to express ideas in elegant ways and want to engage your viewers with pretty creative and amazing animations, this motion graphics style will be best for you. Financial institutions can express their complex ideas in a unique way with graphs, charts and others by various types of motion graphics. This video takes more time and cost to create, but presents those what our eyes love!

Why every business needs an explainer video

  • In this age, internet connection is available to most of us. Our young generation has become dynamic. So, companies need to reach the large markets of young ones who spend more time in websites than television channels. To attract them, something new out of traditional styles is important which can be accessible to by smartphones and laptops. Researchers say that most of the internet traffic will be video within a few next years. Therefore, it would be nice to be a part of going trends.
  • Most people are fast now-a-days. They have little time to concentrate on a topic. They easily get bored too. Who likes to spend too much time? If you make an best startup explainer videos, they will tend to click your website at least once!! There are many impaired people who either can’t listen or see. Also, many others can’t sense both. An Explainer video help them to understand and meet their needs. Because, these videos contain visual graphics, animations and sounds.
  • Animated videos save time. If you need to study about a product for 30 to 40 minutes, an effective explainer video will help you to inform the same within 2-3 minutes only. Even, this video may make your understanding better than the reading of an article!! Who cares to study more if you get a video?
  • If you own a company or an employee of that, you may face troubles to reach your customers. There are more troubles like making your target group understood about your company’s values and clarity and all above inspiring them about the reasons to buy your product. Our services will help you to overcome these obstacles and enables you to create better understanding and effective marketing. So, what I am going to say may be clear!

What should be considered to make The Best Explainer Video?

  1. Ensuring quality: If your video doesn’t suit the theme of your product, customers will not like it. Color and size of fonts and characters should be comfortable to eyes. Do not use colors of nearly same contrasts together. For example: If your red characters move in front of an orange background, eyes will easily become stressful. The sounds, animations, voices etc. should be contextual and rhythmic. There are numerous criteria needed to maintain to ensure quality of your explainer video. All above, you must be careful about your video so that it becomes enjoyable.
  2. Less time presentation: I have already discussed it above.
  3. Understandable message: Every explainer video should contain a core message of the product or service which the video displays. The ways of presentation in the video must ensure the message understood by the customers.
  4. Reasonable budget: Higher financial allotment definitely ensures more quality. But, you have to maintain a balance between your budget and future planning.

Now you have understood about the introduction, types, preparation and business level necessity of an affordable explainer video services. Wish you choose the best animated explainer video for your product. You can also check our custom whiteboard animation services.